Equine Hall of Fame

Established in 2006, the Equine Hall of Fame recognizes Pintos with outstanding competition, service or breeding records. To nominate an equine to the Equine Hall of Fame, download the nomination form and tell us why the equine deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Flash Thru Bars, 2007

Sideshow, 2007








Ms Honeysuckle Rose, 2008






Pandas Opinion, 2008

Spot N The Dark, 2008

He'll Go Thru, 2009







Laurel Hills IP, 2009









Pepsy Topsy, 2009





Quins Lucky Strike, 2009






Hanks Baby Doll, 2010








Raitaj, 2010












Chantilly Lace, 2011


Skips Artist, 2011



Chrome Plated

Chrome Plated, 2012


Gambling Kenny Rogers

Gamblin Kenny Rogers, 2012








Opinonated, 2012


Key West






Key West, 2013


Key West

Flasha San Man, 2013


Key West

Farolito Sand Hawk, 2014

Key West

Izaak Newton, 2014



Pleasure N You, 2015

Ratta Tat Tat, 2015



Bell Arrow, 2016


Too Sleepy To Paint2017

 Oshquahs Brio2017


2018 01 25 11 29 30 Page 2

Plum Dandy, 2018 



Ima Oreo Cookie, 2018 



Heza Almity Hercules, 2019


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