Located on the Northwest side of the Expo Square grounds, the RV Park is closest to Gate 5 on 15th Street. The Expo Square RV Park charges $40.00 per night and includes water, sewer and electric hookups. Extra amenities include a laundry facility and showers. The Expo RV Park does not accept checks, reservations can only be made with cash or a credit card.

For questions, or to make a reservation over the phone with a credit card please call 918-744-1113 ext. 2154.

Please do not send Expo Square RV Park reservation forms to the PtHA office.


Located on the East side of the Exchange Center building and South of the Ford Truck Arena by the Skylift ride, the Pinto VIP RV lot offers closer access to Air Conditioned and Premium location stalls. The Pinto VIP RV lot costs $75.00 per night and only includes water, sewer and electric hookups.

The Pinto VIP RV lot requires numbered passes for entry that will need to stay in your RV and towing vehicle for the duration of your stay. Check in at the show office will also be required.

Spaces for the Pinto VIP RV lot are limited and are offered on a first come, first served basis. Once all spaces are filled, a waiting list will start.

Please direct all questions and reservations forms to the PtHA office.


Reminder - we do not allow posts selling any items on this page other than services specifically for the show (example, braiding, banding, stall cleaning etc.).

All sale posts will be deleted.

Show Services

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Pinto World Championship® Show Office
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