The Pinto World Championship Show and Color Breed Congress will be combined into one show to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in November 2020. More information is coming soon.


Dear Pinto Family,

We cannot move forward with the Pinto World Championship Show as originally planned.

Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions adopted by Tulsa County, the City of Tulsa, and Oklahoma, it is no longer feasible for the PWC to take place as planned. Several US state borders and the Canadian border have been closed, and we want all of our members to have the opportunity to attend this event.

We also feel the health and safety of our Pinto family is our first priority.

The Pinto World Championship Show will be rescheduled. We are working on plans to combine the PWC with Color Breed Congress in November 2020. More information is coming soon.

All entries, stalls, VIP RV and vendor fees will be refunded 100% and issued by method of payment. All check payments will be refunded by check, and all credit card payments will be refunded back to the credit card. Refunds will be processed in a timely manner and should be received within one to two weeks.

We are here to assist you with questions, registrations, refunds and all the things you need from your Pinto Horse Association. On Monday, May 11, our regular office hours of Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm CST, will resume.

Keep your spirits up and your eyes focused on the future. We will reunite again at a-bigger-than-ever horse show in November 2020. For now, we wish that you and your family stay well.

Take care, 
Darrell Bilke
Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

Updated 5:00pm May 5th, 2020


In order to protect PtHA exhibitors and show staff as shows resume, the modifications listed below are effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice. This may help slow the potential spread of the virus as the obstacles are frequently touched during practices and classes.

  • Discontinuation of the Gate obstacle in Trail classes.
  • Discontinuation of any mailbox obstacle and carrying objects from one location to the next in the Trail and obstacle driving classes.
  • Discontinuation of the dragging obstacle and gate obstacle in the Ranch Trail.
  • The Flag Race class will not be an approved class. 
  • All equipment check/inspections by judges should be performed visually.

Please check with your local government, your State Dept. of Ag and facility for their specific requirements for your shows.





Top Notch equines competed at the Pinto World Championship® show

Tulsa, Okla., June 10-22, 2019 – A wide array of Pinto horses, ponies, miniatures, mules and donkeys vied to be champions at the 54th Pinto World Championship®, held June 10 - 22 at the Built Ford Tough Livestock complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Exhibitors and their equines traveled far to earn an array of awards and world champion titles.

This year the Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex at Expo Square played host to 1,336 Pintos and more than 2,345 exhibitors from 43 states and three Canadian provinces. This year, the PWC had over 39,200* judged class entries. Produced by the Pinto Horse Association of America Inc., the Pinto World Championship® showcased many disciplines for just about every type of equine.

This year’s PWC was filled with great awards with an estimate of $325,000. Awards included: ARC saddles and bridles, Gist Silversmiths belt buckles, rosette and neck ribbons, trophies, Kensington products, Herron’s Tack driving carts and harnesses, and Tioga Territory Jackets and Vests. Payouts for the 2019 PWC estimated to $29,400 awarded to Charity Walk/Trot, Color World Series Futurity and National Snaffle Bit winners.

“We enjoy awarding top quality prizes to talented equine and exhibitors each year. We were excited to welcome so many new faces and equine to their first Pinto World Championship® show,” said Darrell Bilke, PtHA® Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our Corporate Partners step up to the plate each year with the awards we give out; we could not thank them enough.”

Proving the Pinto World Championship® isn’t all about equine competition, many special family-friendly activities were held during the two-week show in Tulsa, Okla. These included: The Pinto Party Cookout Sponsored by George’s Foods, with free food and drinks; The Youth and Amateur Ice Cream Social, The PWC Costume Class and the PWC Dog Show. The show and The Tulsa Chamber also hosted a reception for The Red Hat Society.

This year, the Pinto Heritage Foundation Challenged Rider’s Leadline class gave challenged riders a chance to win a world champion buckle in front of their family and friends. Eight proud World Champions walked away with this year’s shiniest buckle from Gist Silversmiths. The Pinto Heritage Foundation also was able to raise $750 towards the Youth Scholarship Fund during the new Miniature Barrel Racing Calcutta Fundraiser.

As always, we look forward to seeing our exhibitors at our upcoming events. The 2019 Color Breed Congress® will be held Nov. 1-9. The Long Ear Congress, The All Breed Ranch Horse Congress, and The New AMHR/PtHA® Miniature Horse Shows will all be held in conjunction with the Color Breed Congress. The 2020 Pinto World Championship® Show will be tentatively held on June 8 – 20. The Built Ford Livestock Complex, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will host both events.

Incorporated in 1956, the Pinto Horse Association of America was formed to encourage the promotion of quality horses, ponies and miniatures with color and to establish a registry for maintaining their show records and pedigrees. Currently, the association serves over 78,000 members and boasts more than 155,000 registered Pintos.

For more information about the 2019 Pinto World Championship® and for complete results, please visit To learn more about the Association, visit or call the PtHA® headquarters (405) 491-0111.


*Four judges evaluate each World Championship class, plus the average card.

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