Mission Statement
• To improve, promote and enhance the Pinto horse®, pony and miniature
• To collect, record and preserve Pinto pedigrees and Pinto competition records
• To represent the multifaceted world of Pinto ownership: breeding, competition and pleasure
• To provide beneficial services that support and encourage Pinto ownership and participation
• To educate by providing materials programs and services that allows PtHA® to be a resource organization in the equine industry
• To promote the continued growth of PtHA® through good horsemanship and good sportsmanship

The association shall be a non-profit organization for the purpose of maintaining and servicing a registry for the Pinto breed. It shall further promote the breeding of Pintos by specific conformation type, performance, and color, as well as promoting interest in the Pinto as a breed. The members will be encouraged to promote Pinto classes in all types of horse shows where possible and should promote good horsemanship and sportsmanship.




Jenny La Grange

Oviedo, FL




Kevin Woodford

Holstein, Iowa



Imd. Past President

Karen Craighead 
Fulton, MO


Exec. Vice President/COO
Darrell Bilke
Bethany, OK

Sr Committee Member

Kameron Duncanson
Mapleton, MN


Second Committee Member

Nell Tekampe
Salem, WI


Third Committee Member
Annette Pitcher
Indianapolis, IN



Kathleen Gallagher Derry, NH (603) 966-7227
Roger Altman Eaton Rapids, MI (810) 247-0181
Sue Ellen Parker Saegertown, PA (940) 781-6416
Wendy Davidson Monroe, WA (360) 794-1602
Gary Streator W Jefferson, OH (614) 989-7246
Barbara Hulsey Edmond, OK (405) 850-9648
Nancy Bredemeier Atwater, OH (330) 325-7506
Carl Cousins Millington, MI (989) 871-4449
Mahlon Bauman Buffalo, MN (612) 508-6832
Jim Isley Reidsville, NC (336) 342-4804
George Martin Franklin, KY (570) 971-4421
Chris Theiler Albuquerque, NM (505) 821-5642
Jean Andrews Fremont, NE (402) 721-4068
Don Greenlee Urbana, IN (260) 774-3719
Joe Grissom Frankfort, IN (765) 242-4644



Alabama To Be Appointed  
Alaska No Director  
Arizona To Be Appointed  
Arkansas Kelley Reames  479-438-0103
California Laura Fowler  760-559-6067
  Walter de la Brosse  818-246-4589
  Emily Cullins - Youth Director  
Colorado To Be Appointed  
Connecticut Brianna Saucier  860-485-0175
Deleware  To Be Appointed  
District of Columbia No Director  
Florida Amanda Palmer 727-430-0515
Georgia To Be Appointed  
Hawaii No Director  
Idaho To Be Appointed  
Illinois Mike Adams 217-4153282
Indiana Wyneta Duncan 317-695-5480
  Don Greenlee - Past President 260-774-3719
  Joe Grissom - Past President 765-242-4644
Iowa William Sparr 712-898-4811
Kansas  To Be Appointed   
Kentucky Woodie Marshall 502-538-6835
  George Martin - Past President 570-971-4421
Louisiana To Be Appointed  
Maine No Director  
Maryland No Director  
Massachusetts Tracey Imbaro 774-306-2587
Michigan Mary Osborn 989-847-2331
  Gabriel Deters-Snider 231-777-5277
  Roger Altman - Past President 810-247-0181
  Carl Cousins - Past President 989-871-4449
Minnesota Karen Clark 763-682-5324
  Shelly Sellers 218-839-4756
  Mahlon Bauman - Past President 612-508-6832
  Amanina Abdul Rashid - Youth Director  
Mississippi To Be Appointed  
  Robert Culwell - Youth Director  
Missouri Bonnie Carr 573-592-1135
Montana To Be Appointed  
Nebraska Kari Reeg 402-993-7023
  Jean Andrews - Past President 402-721-4068
Nevada Terri Wirthlin 702-373-2673
New Jersey To Be Appointed  
New Hampshire Ann Di Giovanni 603-432-4729
New Mexico Chris Theiler - Past President 502-821-5642
  To Be Appointed  
New York Karin Smith 315-413-1033
North Carolina Jim Isley - Past President 336-342-4804
North Dakota Lisa Jostad 701-367-9986
Ohio Mary Kile 614-879-8690
  Nancy Bredemeier - Past President 330-325-7506
  Gary Streator 614-989-7246
Oklahoma Frankie Allen 580-484-3672
  Don McGee 479-414-2088
  Barbara Hulsey - Past President 405-850-9648
Oregon Terri Branham 541-660-1948
  Tina Bell 503-351-8431
Pennsylvania To Be Appointed  
  Sue Ellen Parker - Past President 940-704-6013
Rhode Island No Director  
South Carolina To Be Appointed  
South Dakota To Be Appointed  
Tennessee Carmen Lay 615-355-9600
Texas To Be Appointed  
  To Be Appointed  
Utah No Director  
Vermont No Director  
Virginia To Be Appointed  
Washington Joni Osborn 360-798-1571
  Kathy Thomas 360-892-4785
  Wendy Davidson - Past President 360-794-1602
West Virginia No Director  
Wisconsin Kathy Findley 262-930-5584 
Wyoming No Director  
Alberta No Director  
British Columbia Marianne Warland 604-816-5292
Manitoba No Director  
Ontario Carolyn Washburn 905-873-2168
Saskatchewan No Director  
Europe Marty Hedgren +46 735059789


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