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Incorporated in 1956, the Pinto Horse Association of America was formed to encourage the promotion of quality horses, 
ponies and miniatures with color and to establish a registry for maintaining their show records and pedigrees. The PtHA® has evolved through the years and now has three separate registries: the Color Registry, the Solid Registry, and the Long Ear registry. All equines, no matter the size or breeding, can now qualify to be registered in one of the three PtHA® Registries. With a variety of classes and programs for every level of horseman, PtHA® has a “SPOT” for everyone. Currently, the association serves approximately 88,000 members and boasts more than 157,000 registered Pintos.

PtHA Annual Convention:

The PtHA Annual Convention is an event held each spring where PtHA members and committee members can attend to discuss and vote on improvements that need to be made to the association. A business meeting with socialization and fun events to attend such as The Hall of Fame Reception, Year-End-Awards presentation and the Pinto Heritage Foundation Auction. The Hall of Fame Reception is where nominees are inducted into the Hall of Fame for their outstanding services. These nominees can include equines, judges, PtHA presidents, trainers and exhibitors. The Year-End-Award Presentation recognizes and celebrates youth, amateurs and Pintos for their accomplishments in the show program.


Serve on a PtHA Committee for the 2022 Year!

Committees You Can Be A part of:







Professional Horsemen 


Please let President Kevin Woodford know by February 15, through the PtHA office, if you would like to serve on one of these committees for 2022. You can contact Kim Hall via email at khall@pinto.org

These committees will be meeting at the 2022 PtHA Annual Convention, March 3 - 5 in Tulsa, OK.


We also have spots open for Youth Directors!

Youth can be a part of PtHA community right from their hometown. As a director, they will be able to promote the PtHA message, help to influence change and educate their peers on all PtHA has to offer! Just fill out an application and email it to Merain Barnes at mbarnes@pinto.org and start influencing your community today!

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  For more information on the 2022 PtHA Long Ear Futurity, please visit www.colorbreedcongress.com


March 3-5, 2022

June 13-25, 2022

November 4-12, 2022

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